Nature always reminds me that the outer world is utterly connected to the inner world. During the turbulent pandemic, needing nature's transient beauty as a healer and teacher, I spent time painting things nearby in the garden surrounding my studio. Birds and butterflies populate these paintings, their fleeting visits and fluid flight offer a boundless freedom of spirit. The series title Bird Path, refers to a phrase Zen Buddhists use to describe a spiritual journey. A bird's flight follows no visible path in the air and leaves no evidence of its track behind. Yet even without a physical trace of its flight, it offers its share of grace. The Wellspring series is a return to source, tapping back into thematic wells and inspirations. Images of waterfalls suggest deep reservoirs and represent the permanence of form despite the continuous flow of change. A recent interest in Korean moon jars is appearing in some newer work.

* click on photo to view each painting scaled to page against black background